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It’s probably not surprising to learn that around 90% of the human population has suffered from a dental cavity at one point or another during their lives. However, we put a strong emphasis on patient education. If you know why cavities develop, how dentists treat them, and practice good oral hygiene, you’ll learn that cavities are totally avoidable.

Common Misconceptions about Dental Cavities

Below are a few myths regarding dental cavities and what the real story is:

  • Cavities can be detected right away – The early stages of a dental cavity may come with no symptoms at all. You probably won’t be aware that a cavity is forming until it reaches a nerve and you begin to feel pain. This is why regular dental checkups are so important; your dentist can detect a dental cavity before you even know you have one!
  • Kids get more dental cavities than adults – This may have been true in the past because the enamel of baby teeth is weaker than that of permanent teeth, but thanks to fluoridated water and access to better pediatric dentistry services, there has been a decrease in the number of childhood dental cavities. Most adult cavities are due to poor dental hygiene or as side effects of medications that may cause dry mouth.
  • Having sensitive teeth means you have cavities – Tooth sensitivity can be caused by many things, not always a dental cavity. You can suffer from sensitive teeth due to gum recession, teeth whitening products, brushing your teeth too hard, or even simple genetics. Visiting our office is the only real way to know what’s causing tooth sensitivity.
  • Dental cavities in baby teeth don’t need treatment – Baby teeth with dental cavities should still be properly treated. The importance of healthy baby teeth cannot be overstated, as they protect the structure of your child’s mouth, and preserve space for the adult teeth to grow in properly. Additionally, dental cavities that go untreated will cause quite a bit of pain, and we want to prevent your child from any unnecessary discomfort.

If you believe that you or someone in your family may have a dental cavity, it’s important to make an appointment sooner rather than later. The earlier cavities are caught, the easier they are to treat. Please contact Durango Dentistry located here in Durango, Colorado for more information.