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You may think that your dentures should last a lifetime, but this is only true for a lucky few. More often than not, dentures will need to be replaced or at least repaired every 5 years or so. This is why it’s important to know the signs that it’s time to have your dentures assessed and possibly replaced.

Signs that You May Need to Replace Your Dentures

Below are a few things to keep an eye out for when wearing dentures:

  • Damaged base – If the base of your dentures is broken or becomes damaged, it will almost certainly mean that your dentures need to be replaced. The base of your dentures is the most important part and, when broken, will not allow the dentures to function properly any longer.
  • Loose fit – Loose dentures are commonly the result of bone resorption in the jaw, which is a normal part of aging. Loose dentures may begin to slip around in the mouth when eating and speaking and can cause embarrassment and discomfort. You may need to have your dentures repaired to fit better in your mouth.
  • Stained or dirty – Over time, your dentures may become dirty or stained. They can be cleaned and polished in our office, but there will come a time when they simply need to be replaced because they can’t be restored to their previous shine.
  • Chipping or broken teeth – Lastly, the artificial teeth of your dentures are just as prone to breaking and chipping as natural teeth. Treat your dentures with care and, if damage does occur, please make an appointment to have them repaired or replaced.

For more information on keeping up with your dentures or if you feel that you may need to have your dentures assessed, please contact Durango Dentistry. Our family dental office is located here in beautiful Durango, Colorado.