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Even though oral piercings are more common now than ever before, there are still risks to your oral health when pursuing this cosmetic body alteration. Today we would like to provide you with some food for thought about why you might want to think twice about having one.

The problem is your mouth houses millions of bacteria. Some of these make you vulnerable to infection when you have an oral piercing. Infection and swelling is serious business in the mouth, potentially leading to hepatitis or even endocarditis. And not only can it close off your airway, but a piercing can crack teeth as well. Popular areas for oral piercings include the tongue, the cheeks or lips. Be prepared for a piercing to affect how you chew, talk or swallow.

Other risks include:

— Life-threatening if tongue swelling from a piercing blocks your airway.

— Damage to gum tissue or dental fillings, and tooth sensitivity.

— Metal sensitivity¬†and allergic reactions.

— Nerve damage, such as permanent numbness of the tongue. Damaged blood vessels in the tongue can involve blood loss.

— Overproducing saliva, causing you to drool.

— Interference with dental X-rays blocked in the area of the piercing.

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