Greg Mann, DDS


Dr. Greg Mann is not only a skilled dentist, but is also a member of the Crown Council, a prestigious dental group of leading dentists from around the world. Dr. Mann, who represents LaPlata in addition to the entire Four Corners region, is a dentist who is strongly committed to excellence in his field, continuing education, promoting oral health, fighting oral cancer, giving back, and focusing on treating patients, not just their teeth. As a community-minded, globally conscious dentist, Dr. Mann uses his skill in Durango, Colorado, to donate to worthy causes like Smiles For Life and the 9R School District.

Being a highly respected and recommended dentist, Dr. Mann’s office is a pleasure to visit no matter how apprehensive or complex your dental situation may be. With Dr. Mann, you have a caring, conscientious dentist in Durango, Colorado, handling your dental care. Dr. Mann carefully handpicks his entire dental staff for the qualities that make anyone want to return to a caring, helpful, and knowledgeable team of dental professionals. Also, if you are in Durango, Colorado, and need emergency care, Dr. Mann will go out of his way for patients in order to fit unusual schedules, urgent situations, inclement weather, and holidays.

Dr. Mann would love to see your smiles. To schedule a consultation with our caring dentist, contact Durango Dentistry today.


Ross Owens, DDS
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