A Cosmetic Dentist in Durango Can Fix Your Damaged Tooth

A lot of people don’t consider cosmetic dentistry because they feel that it isn’t absolutely necessary. And while cosmetic dentistry may not be needed, it is important to realize that cosmetic treatment can help repair damaged teeth.

While cosmetic dentistry is still new to the dental industry, it can be helpful to know what treatment methods can be used in order to repair damaged teeth. Read more below as we discuss how a cosmetic dentist can fix damaged teeth!

How a cosmetic dentist can repair damaged teeth

There are so many different kinds of cosmetic dental appliance repair methods. It’s best that a person talks with a cosmetic dentist so that they can best determine what treatment plan is right for them! Below we go over two different ways that a cosmetic dentist can help repair damaged teeth. 

Dental veneers

Cosmetic dentists often use dental veneers in order to repair teeth that have minor damage. Sometimes people crack or chip the surface of a tooth which may cause for an unappealing look. In other situations, people have severe staining that might cause the teeth to decay over time. Dental veneers can be used to restore the surface of the tooth so that it looks brand new or natural again!

Dental veneers are used by both cosmetic and general dentists because they allow for restoration. They are wafer-thin shells that go right over the damaged tooth to make it look like a normal tooth again.

Orthodontic braces or aligners

A lot of people think that braces or aligners are only used to make the teeth look better, but this is actually not the case! Braces and aligners are both used to straighten the teeth, yes but what most people don’t realize is that having crooked teeth can cause detrimental damage to the entire mouth.

Crooked teeth increase the likelihood of cavities because there are often certain areas that a person can’t reach with their toothbrush or floss. People are likely to have food get stuck in these areas which will eventually turn into plaque that eats away at the enamel.

Braces and aligners are both recommended by cosmetic dentists to help improve one’s look but to also repair any damage that might have been caused by having crooked teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about making one look better, it can also be used to help repair damaged teeth. Cosmetic treatment methods are used daily to help people repair their teeth as well as make them look better. While these are only a few of the methods of treatment, it is important to remember that a cosmetic dentist can go over all of the different options.

If you have questions about cosmetic dentistry and how it can help repair your damaged teeth then reach out to our office today. Our trained professionals can help answer any questions that you might have. Give us a call or stop in today!

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