Teeth Whitening Choices for Discolored Teeth

As time goes on, you may pay less attention to your oral care routine, leaving your teeth discolored and needing teeth whitening. Luckily, there are various choices with respect to teeth whitening.

From different products in stores and companies promoting ways to have increasingly white teeth, to different home treatments, there is unquestionably not an absence of ways that people can get whiter teeth. Regardless, there are different whitening options and some are better than others. This article will go over a few ways someone may or may not need to look into the different options.

How do teeth become discolored?

People often wonder what it is that makes the teeth become less white over time. Often, a considerable number of individuals consider diminishing drinking coffee and soda pops, yet what do these foods and refreshments do that make teeth end up less white?

Everything rests in the layers of the teeth

The teeth are porous, and when eating and drinking, these pores are filled and avoid tiny living bacteria and other tiny particles from entering the teeth. Nevertheless, as years go on and particular substances sit on the teeth throughout the day before someone brushes their teeth, white teeth can begin becoming stained and not so white.

After some time, the discoloring can continue and end up being more obvious. When this happens, the best thing someone can do is research teeth whitening treatments to help restore the white look that they once had.

Teeth whitening choices

Teeth whitening strips

One at-home method for teeth whitening is whitening strips. They are typically used over the course of a few weeks, once or twice per day. While the effects may not be as strong as that of professional whitening, they are effective enough to lighten the shade of the teeth. 

One thing to recall is that these whitening strips can cause extra teeth sensitivity after some time. It's best that a person finds tooth sensitivity products to help with the sensitivity.

Teeth whitening through a dental specialist

Talking with a dental professional about having teeth whitened may be the best choice. They are able to whiten the teeth up to ten shades brighter. With the strength of the gels that a dentist has, they are able to brighten the teeth much better than that of store-bought products. 


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