Teeth Whitening Trays: 3 Things to Know

Teeth whitening trays are a popular choice if you want a brilliant smile. You can use these trays in the comfort of your home. The trays are also intuitive to use. Before you get started with your teeth whitening trays, discover some key information you should know.

A quick overview of teeth whitening trays

Before delving into what patients should know about teeth whitening trays, what are they? Teeth whitening trays are a kit that includes a tooth tray and a bleaching agent. The bleaching agent is usually a gel. Patients place the bleaching agent in the tray. Then, the patient carefully places the tray over their teeth.

After a set amount of time, the patient removes the tray and rinses out the mouth. Patients repeat this process to get a bright, white smile.

How the results compare to in-office teeth whitening

Before buying teeth whitening trays, patients should understand how it compares to an in-office whitening appointment. At-home trays require multiple treatments repeated over time. Most in-office whitening treatments produce results in a single visit. The quicker results from in-office whitening is because:

  • The dentist uses more concentrated bleaching agents
  • The dentist cleans the teeth more thoroughly first
  • The dentist’s professional experience allows for quicker results

Even so, patients with patience can get similar results from teeth whitening trays. It will just take multiple sessions to achieve the results.

The choices for teeth whitening trays

Patients should also be aware of the choices regarding teeth whitening trays. Some dentists sell professional-grade kits in their office. Alternatively, most pharmacies and superstores sell numerous kits. Store-bought kits typically have lower concentrations of bleaching agents. The teeth whitening trays distributed by dentists may offer custom-fit trays. These custom trays produce better results but are more expensive.

Teeth whitening trays can also vary by active ingredients, concentrations, brands, costs and length of time worn.

Pros and cons of teeth whitening trays

Anyone who uses a teeth whitening tray should also learn the pros and cons of this method. It offers convenience via the ability to use the tray at home. Completing the treatment at home also saves time. There is no need to drive to the dentist. Furthermore, you can multitask while wearing the tray. Teeth whitening trays are also more affordable than in-office treatments.

In terms of disadvantages, teeth whitening trays take longer to produce results than professional whitening. There is also a risk of tooth sensitivity. To minimize that risk, patients should limit the time wearing the tray at first. Leaving the tray in too long can cause sensitivity. In extreme cases, high concentrations left in too long can cause oral damage. This is rare, however.


You can brighten your smile with teeth whitening trays you use at home. For improved results, consider a custom tray. Your dentist can help fit you for a custom tray. After a few weeks of use, teeth whitening trays should produce results.

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