Dental implants are an extremely versatile style of cosmetic dentistry. These titanium posts are anchored into the jaw and provide a solid, secure attachment for other dental treatments. After osseointegration (where the bone grows around and integrates the implant), Dr. Greg Mann and Dr. Ross Owens can use the post to affix crowns, secure overdentures, and lay the foundation for dental bridges. These procedures all result in excellent cosmetic transformations, which will enhance your smile and your confidence.

Most commonly, a dental implant is used to replace a single tooth. After the titanium implant has been inserted and the area has healed, our dentist will affix a permanent crown to the implant. This will replace any damaged or missing teeth. Because the other teeth do not need to be modified, nearly any tooth can be replaced by a dental implant. In some cases, a dental implant can replace a series of teeth. Durango Dentistry will use the dental implant as the anchor for the prosthetic teeth so that no additional parts of your smile have to be compromised. Dr. Greg Mann and Dr. Ross Owens can even use dental implants in patients who do not have any teeth. Removable dentures can move around in the mouth and cause sores; special attachments can allow dentures to attach to dental implants, which will help prevent any harmful movement.

There are many different options for dental implants in Durango, Colorado. If you think you might be a candidate for any of these options, contact our office today to set up a consultation with Dr. Greg Mann and Dr. Ross Owens.