Daily brushing and flossing is typically enough to prevent gum disease, but our dentist wants to make sure you are at no risk for the condition. Bacteria can get deep into pockets of the gums where traditional teeth cleaning cannot reach, which is where our skilled dentist can help. In addition to scaling and root planing, Dr. Greg Mann and Dr. Ross Owens may recommend fluoride treatments or other specialized mouthwashes to prevent gingivitis and gum disease.

While gingivitis is curable, gum disease is not. Once you have gum disease, you can only manage and prevent progression by practicing good oral hygiene, maintaining proper nutrition, and reducing other risk factors like smoking. Unfortunately, gum disease can cause tooth loss, bite collapse, and illness. At Durango Dentistry, we offer many preventive measures and treatment options so your smile stays healthy and happy.

Scaling and Root Planing
Scaling and root planing is needed when the connective tissue that holds the tooth and gums together is lost. When the attachment is still there, scaling will be enough to remove the bacteria that can build up on teeth. Scaling can be done on any surface of the tooth and is included during the cleaning process at Durango Dentistry. When the connective tissue is compromised, Dr. Greg Mann and Dr. Ross Owens will use root planing to smooth the surface of the tooth so that any current deposits are removed and future deposits will be prevented.

To learn more about how you can take even better care of your gums and prevent gum disease in Durango, Colorado, call Durango Dentistry today so that we can schedule a consultation with Dr. Greg Mann and Dr. Ross Owens.