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If you are already thinking of all the Thanksgiving food you will be enjoying this holiday, you will see how hard your teeth work for you to give you that enjoyment along with a beautiful healthy smile. Have you considered dental sealants to protect those molars sitting in the back of your mouth, chewing all that delicious food for you?

If you have healthy molars, you may be a candidate for dental sealants to protect them while they do their job. Unlike your other teeth, molars have a large flat surface with pits and grooves. These grooves harbor bits of food particles and plaque-causing bacteria that can hide and flourish within the crevices. When you brush your teeth you want to remove that debris so that it cannot decay your teeth. Because your molars are hard to reach, you may consider the added protection of dental sealants at your next dental visit.

Dental sealants can easily be applied after your next dental cleaning. Your dentist will clean and dry the teeth being sealed, apply an acid solution to roughen up the surface so the sealant will stick, and then paint them with a thin plastic resin material, which when hardened, will keep out decay causing material.

To care for your sealed teeth is the same as caring for your other teeth. You will want to remove all cavity-causing debris daily. Start by brushing and flossing all the surfaces of your teeth. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste to scrape away bacteria and food particles from inside, outside and the top of the tooth surfaces. You want to do the same for your gums and gum line because any lingering bacteria can harden into plaque and tartar. You can still use an antibacterial mouthwash to kill any residual germs and wash them away.

When you go to your scheduled dental cleanings your dentist will check your sealants to make sure they have no cracks or chips which need repairing.

So be sure to take good care of your dental sealants just as you do the rest of your teeth and they can last up to ten years. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and give our office a call at 970.259.1646 if you have any questions about dental sealants or caring for your pearly whites!