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Through the use of endodontic treatments such as root canals, it may be possible for endodontists to save damaged or broken teeth that otherwise would need to be extracted. Furthermore, they can use endodontic surgeries to repair damaged pulps by extracting the pulp without destroying the tooth.

Root canal therapy is one procedure involved in the wide range of dentistry known as endodontics. Because endodontists focus on the pulp of a tooth and tissues within the root, they can save broken and damaged teeth and allow teeth to continue to function even after pulp infections have occurred. Furthermore, endodontists receive up to 2 years of additional training beyond dental school in order for them to effectively learn how to save broken and damaged teeth with pulp infections and perform complex surgeries to allow teeth to function properly once more. Each year in the United States, endodontic treatments can effectively save millions of teeth in millions of smiles. Through the use of a single root canal treatment, it may be possible for a tooth to function effectively for a lifetime of use once again.

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