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We all know how important brushing your teeth twice a day is. It’s the building block of stellar oral health, and without regular brushing, you’ll eventually end up with serious problems for all of your teeth.

But did you know that the toothbrush you use can be just as important in fostering good oral health as regular brushing itself? It is, and that’s why our team here at Durango Dentistry in Durango, Colorado, put this piece together.

Electric brush

Electric brushes are often recommended by most dentists because they function just like the brushes used here in our office. The smaller round circular heads are able to better clean hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, and they do a better job of removing plaque as well.
However, they do cost more and replacing the heads on these brushes when the bristles wear out is more than a regular toothbrush.

Regular brush

These have been used for such a long time a lot of people wonder why bother with an electric brush? Regular brushes are cheaper, don’t require batteries, and when the bristles wear out you just go buy a new one and the overall cost is much lower.

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