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Our main focus at Durango Dentistry is caring for your smile, but we want to provide more services to keep you looking your best. Recently we started offering aesthetic treatments that help reduce the signs of aging and enhance your natural beauty. Our team can use BOTOX® injections to prevent the muscles from contracting involuntarily, which will temporarily reduce wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and eyebrows. Additionally, we can use an injectable gel called JUVÉDERM® to temporarily add volume to facial tissue and give you a fuller, more youthful looking appearance. Start caring for your smile and skin with one visit, and call our office today to learn more about facial aesthetics in Durango, Colorado.

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Dr. Greg Mann and our team are celebrating our new treatments, and right now you can take advantage of our 30% discount for all first-time BOTOX or JUVÉDERM patients.


Dr. Greg Mann and our team at Durango Dentistry are certified by the American Academy of Facial aesthetics (AAFE), which is a multidisciplinary professional healthcare organization. The goal of the AAFE is to teach the safest and best techniques to healthcare professionals worldwide. Although there are minor risks involved with these procedures, our certification means that we have received the proper training and have taken the necessary steps to reduce that risk as much as possible.

If you are curious about any of our treatments, our dentist and team would be glad to assist you. Call our office today to learn more about the benefits of facial aesthetics.


BOTOX® and dermal fillers like JUVÉDERM® have had significant impacts in the world of aesthetics. These two treatments are used to treat frown lines, crow’s feet, and many other types of facial wrinkles. Additionally, these treatments are minimally invasive, which is why they can be performed by our skilled dentist in a matter of minutes.

BOTOX is the more common name for botulinum toxin, which is a type of protein that interrupts the nerve endings of the muscle. When the nerve endings are blocked, the muscles cannot contract and form wrinkles in your smile and face. The benefits of BOTOX typically last for a few months but can vary depending on several factors. Once wrinkles begin to reappear, you can visit Durango Dentistry for additional treatments of BOTOX in Durango, Colorado.

BOTOX is often used in combination with JUVÉDERM, a facial filler that increases the volume of the skin. As you age, the natural substances that keep your skin looking young are depleted. JUVÉDERM will replace these substances in order to fill out the face and restore the more youthful look you want. Dr. Greg Mann can also use JUVÉDERM to help reduce smile lines and wrinkles in the face.

If you are interested in facial aesthetics to give you a more beautiful smile and more youthful appearance, call our office today to set up a consultation with Dr. Greg Mann.