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What happens when you take excellent daily care of your teeth, including brushing, flossing, and keeping your scheduled dental cleanings and one day you start experiencing tooth pain?

Your teeth can hurt for a variety of reasons. If you have tooth hypersensitivity you are familiar with the sudden onset of sharp pain when you consume hot or cold food and drinks, or even breathe in cold air. But you also know this tooth pain is temporary, and stops hurting quickly.

But if your tooth ache resembles one of the following symptoms, there may be more going on:

–tooth pain that is constant and throbbing
–tooth pain is accompanied by swelling around the tooth
–tooth pain with a headache or a fever
–tooth pain with a gross tasting (and smelling) drainage from the tooth

Any one of these can warrant a visit to your dentist. Once you are there, the dentist will examine your mouth, including your teeth and gums, jaws, tongue, throat, sinuses, your ears and nose and neck to rule out causes.

Once your dentist determines what is causing your toothache, there are several things that may happen:

–if you have a cavity, it will be filled if possible or in severe conditions, the tooth may be removed.
–If you have an infection of the tooth’s nerve you may need a root canal.
–If your jaw is swollen and you have a fever, you may be prescribed antibiotics.

Always remember to take good, daily care of your teeth and if you experience constant tooth pain, don’t put it off. Schedule a visit to your dentist and take care of the problem right away! We are here to help at 970.259.1646. Stay healthy and keep on smiling!